How Healthy Teeth Can Help You Resist COVID-19 & Other Infections

How Healthy Teeth Can Help You Resist COVID-19 & Other Infections

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and we start to enter the cooler months where colds and the flu are also more common, many people are wondering how to keep their immune systems strong, and prevent the transmission and infection of COVID-19 and other dangerous viruses. 

Did you know that your teeth and gums may be the keys to a healthier immune system? Read on, and see why a healthy smile is so important for your immunity and health. 

Avoiding Oral Infections & Diseases Helps Your Immune System Focus On Other Things

Wondering how healthy teeth can help you boost your immune response? It’s simple, really! Your immune system, just like all other systems in your body, is limited. It can only make so many antibodies, white blood cells, and other immune cells.

And if you have an unhealthy mouth, lots of these immune cells will be busy responding to that issue. If you have gum disease or a tooth infection, for example, your body will send a lot of cells to your gums or to the infected tooth to try to fight back and eliminate the bacteria.

This, in turn, can suppress your overall immune response. It makes sense, right? If your body is already busy fighting other viruses or bacteria, it won’t be able to prevent or respond to infection by another virus like COVID-19, influenza, or even the common cold.

Our Oral Care Tips For A Healthier Immune System

Wondering how you can maximize your oral health and boost your immune system? Here are a few tips that will keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong, and promote immune response in other parts of your body. 

  • See a dentist twice per year – Six-month preventive care visits with Dr. Niraj Patel at Cibolo Family Smiles ensure that your mouth is free of issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth infections.

  • Brush twice a day – Use a fluoride toothpaste to brush twice a day for two minutes, and make sure to clean each surface of your teeth thoroughly.

  • Floss once per day – Flossing is particularly important for preventing periodontal (gum) disease. This is because flossing cleans crevices and tight spots between your teeth where brushing can’t reach, removing food particles, plaque, and bacteria from your gums.

  • Use antibacterial mouthwash – Rinsing with an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash is a great way to remove oral bacteria and freshen your breath. You can rinse whenever you want, but this is particularly effective after flossing to help further loosen and rinse away food particles.

  • Watch what you eat – Avoid consuming excessive sugar and alcohol, which can stimulate the production of oral bacteria. Maintain a “tooth-healthy” diet high in whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit, healthy dairy, and lean meats. 

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