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Dental Bonding In Cibolo

If you have a stained, misshapen, uneven, or slightly-chipped tooth, dental bonding from Dr. Niraj Patel is a great way to restore your smile. Whether you need to treat a single tooth or multiple teeth, this fast, affordable, and non-invasive cosmetic treatment allows you to completely transform your smile in just a single appointment. Contact us online to schedule a consultation at Cibolo Family Smiles right away.

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What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure used to treat a wide variety of flaws in your smile. Depending on your situation, it may be used to treat misshapen teeth, chipped teeth, gaps in your smile, severely stained and yellowed teeth, and uneven or slightly crooked teeth.

Dental bonding uses a composite material to reshape your tooth. This is similar to the process of a dental filling. But instead of filling a cavity in your tooth, the composite material is applied to the exterior of the tooth to alter its shape, cover up stains, and enhance your smile.

This treatment has a number of great benefits compared to other cosmetic dentistry options, like porcelain veneers. It’s faster, and can be done in just a single appointment, and it’s also much less invasive, since no natural enamel needs to be removed to prepare for treatment. Bonding is also more affordable than veneers, since the treatment process is less complex and doesn’t involve any outside dental labs.

For all of these reasons and quite a few more, dental bonding may be a good option if you’d like to restore one or more teeth in Cibolo or the surrounding areas.

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What Do I Do If I Chip A Tooth?

This depends on how deep the chip is. If your tooth has a minor surface chip that does not reach the dentin (the second layer of your tooth structure), you may be able to have it repaired with dental bonding, or with a porcelain veneer, depending on the situation.

However, this is not the case if your tooth chip is very large, and has destroyed your enamel and dentin. If you have a very deep and severe chip in your tooth, cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers and dental bonding can’t be used.

Instead, Dr. Patel will likely recommend a dental crown to restore your tooth. Dental crowns are false teeth made of porcelain, and they are designed to completely cover up the damaged tooth all the way down to the gum line. A crown provides superior protection compared to bonding or a veneer, so crowns are a better choice for protecting a severely damaged tooth.

Is Dental Bonding Permanent?

Dental bonding is not permanent, at least compared to treatments like veneers. However, it is very long lasting. You can typically expect a bonded tooth to last up to 10 years with proper dental care and oral hygiene.

If your bonded tooth ever fails or cracks, it’s easy to have it replaced and restored by Dr. Niraj Patel, so while it may not last quite as long as a veneer, you’ll still enjoy a long-lasting smile solution. 

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