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From the smallest cavity to the loss of a tooth, Dr. Patel and our caring team at Cibolo Family Smiles are here to help when you run into bumps in the road with your dental health. At our office, we can help you restore both the function and the beauty of your smile. Get more details below, or schedule a consultation today to get started.

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Composite & Amalgam Fillings

Fillings are the best way to halt the progression of minor-to-moderate cavities. By removing decayed enamel and replacing it with an inert, tooth-like substance, you can restore your smile permanently and prevent further damage. At Cibolo Family Smiles, we offer both tooth-colored (composite) and silver (amalgam) fillings.

Amalgam fillings are durable and long-lasting, but are gray in color, which may affect the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are made of dental resin that matches the color of your tooth. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, just ask Dr. Patel at your appointment, and he’ll answer any questions you may have about your options.

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped prostheses designed to cover your entire tooth and prevent further damage to the enamel and structure. Built of strong, sturdy porcelain, dental crowns from Cibolo Family Smiles look and feel just like natural teeth.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, we can also create dental bridges as a natural-looking replacement. Bridges use two crowns that are attached to healthy teeth on either side of the empty space, along with a false tooth to literally “bridge” the gap where your missing tooth used to be.

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Root Canal Therapy (Anterior & Molars)

Root canal therapy is the best way to restore a tooth that has been infected. Tooth infection can occur as a result of severe tooth decay, or when an injury cracks the tooth and exposes the root “pulp” to oral bacteria. Root canal therapy is used to remove all of the infected material from the inside of your tooth and destroy the infection, then restore it with an inert material. To finish the procedure, a or crown is used to protect your remaining tooth structure.

Partial & Full Dentures

If you are missing several of your natural teeth, a set of partial dentures may be the right choice for restoring your smile. Partial dentures attach to your remaining healthy teeth for a secure fit, allowing you to chew, speak, and smile naturally, even if you’ve lost many of your teeth. For long-lasting dentures in Cibolo, Schertz, or surrounding communities, contact us today.

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