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Dr. Patel and our team at Cibolo Family Smiles know that nothing is more important than your child’s health. As an experienced, friendly pediatric dentist in Cibolo, Dr. Patel takes an enthusiastic, upbeat approach to every appointment with your little one. Our team will introduce your child to pediatric dental care in a way that you’ll both understand and appreciate.

Cibolo pediatric dentistry

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

As a rule, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you bring your child in for their first visit at the age of 12 months, or whenever their first tooth starts to erupt. Seeing a dentist regularly from a very young age is the best way to keep your child’s mouth healthy because it ensures that a close eye is kept on their oral development and that any issues are addressed early.

If your child is very young and doesn’t have all of their baby teeth yet, Dr. Patel will gently clean each tooth and examine your child’s mouth. If your child is older and has all of their baby teeth, one of our hygienists will gently clean their mouth and Dr. Patel will perform a comprehensive exam to check for gum disease, tooth decay, and any potential developmental issues. He may also suggest x-rays to check for hidden oral health issues.

The Importance of a Dental Home

Finding a dental home in Cibolo or Schertz where you and your family receive any and all of your dental treatment has many benefits:

- Routine appointments at the same dental office help your child become more familiar with the process of oral exams and cleanings

- When your child feels comfortable and safe in the dentist’s chair from a young age, they are less likely to develop dental anxiety

- Your family will get to know Dr. Patel and our Cibolo dental team on a personal level, which means that we’ll be able to track your child’s oral health more effectively

Keeping Primary teeth Healthy

Despite the fact that primary (baby) teeth will naturally fall out to make room for your child’s permanent adult teeth, it’s absolutely essential to keep them healthy and free of issues like tooth decay, because this can cause the premature loss of a baby tooth. Primary teeth are important because they form the “pathways” through which the permanent teeth erupt. If your child loses one or more of their baby teeth prematurely, their adult teeth will not erupt properly and this can cause a variety of orthodontic issues.

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