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Dental Crowns and Bridges In Cibolo

If you have a damaged or missing tooth in Cibolo, a dental crown or bridge from Dr. Patel may be just what you need to restore your smile and get back to optimal health. With crowns & bridges, it is possible to fully restore your smile in a few quick appointments at Cibolo Family Smiles. To get started, schedule your consultation with Dr. Patel today!

What Is A Dental Crown? 

A dental crown is a restorative procedure used to cover up and protect damaged, decayed, or broken teeth. A crown is, essentially, a false tooth built out of a porcelain ceramic material. During treatment, your remaining tooth structure is trimmed down, then the crown is bonded in place over your tooth, which covers it up all the way down to the gumline. 

By covering up all of your remaining tooth structure, a dental crown helps protect your enamel from further damage and decay and ensures that your tooth remains strong and healthy. Most commonly, crowns are used to restore teeth that are seriously decayed or to restore a tooth after a root canal. They are also commonly used to repair teeth that are broken by an oral injury, and are occasionally used for cosmetic purposes if other treatments are not a good option.

The Dental Crown Placement Process

The crown process usually takes two appointments over a period of a few weeks. At your first appointment, your tooth must be prepared for the crown. Dr. Patel will clean and numb the treatment area, then remove damaged or decayed enamel using specialized tools. You can also be sedated during this process, if you feel it will make you more comfortable. Next, he will shape your remaining tooth structure into a stable platform onto which your crown can be attached. 

Impressions and images of your teeth will be taken, and this information is used to create your crown. Dr. Patel will bond a temporary crown in place to protect your tooth until your permanent crown is complete.

When your permanent crown arrives at our office, you’ll come back for your last appointment. Dr. Patel will remove your temporary crow, check the fit of the permanent restoration, and make any adjustments, if necessary. Then, he will bond the crown to your tooth using dental cement to complete the procedure.

How Are Crowns Related To Dental Bridges?

Crowns are a key part of a dental bridge. Bridges use two crowns, which attach to two healthy “abutment teeth” to restore one or more adjacent missing teeth. These crowns suspend a false tooth (pontic) between one another, literally “bridging” the gap where your missing tooth used to be.

The process of getting a dental bridge is quite similar to having two crowns placed. Both of the abutment teeth will be trimmed, then impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent to a dental lab. You’ll be sent home with two temporary crowns or a temporary bridge while your permanent bridge is built. 

When you come back to our office for your final appointment, Dr. Patel will check your permanent bridge to make sure it fits properly, then attach it to your abutment teeth with dental cement to complete the procedure.

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