Root Canal Aftercare: What to Expect

Root Canal Aftercare: What to Expect

Do you have an appointment with Cibolo Family Smiles for root canal therapy? Then you may wonder what to expect during the healing period and what you can do to speed up your recovery. While we are going to share these tips with you during your appointment, here are some of the basics of root canal aftercare. 

What to Expect after Root Canal Treatment 

A root canal is a dental treatment that involves the removal of the decayed pulp. After the canal has been thoroughly cleaned, the dentist will install a new crown. 

More often than not, it takes several appointments for the treatment to be completed. If the infection is too severe, then the dentist will prescribe you antibiotics first to fight the infection. Then, during the next appointments, they will thoroughly clean the canal to remove all the damaged pulp. In the meantime, you will get a temporary filling until the crown is ready. 

While you won't feel any pain during the procedure, after the local anesthetic has worn off you can expect to experience some minor pain and discomfort. If the pain is more intense, then the dentist will prescribe you some pain medication to ease your discomfort. 

The pain should go away in about three days. If it persists for more than three days or it's getting worse, then you should get in touch with your dentist right away. 

Root Canal Aftercare Tips 

Here's what you should do during the recovery period after a root canal therapy: 

  • Your numb will be numb from the anesthesia for a few hours after the procedure so it's best to avoid eating so that you don't bite your tongue. 
  • Take the day off and rest to allow your body to heal. 
  • Don't chew on the side with the root canal and avoid foods that are too hard or chewy. 
  • Opt for soft foods for a few days and avoid beverages or foods with extreme temperatures, like too hot or too cold. 
  • Follow your regular oral hygiene routine, but be gentle around the affected tooth. 
  • If you have a temporary filling, then you should avoid flossing around the affected tooth. 

Get Gentle Root Canal Therapy at Cibolo Family Smiles 

At Cibolo Family Smiles, we believe that all dental experiences should be positive, no matter the problem you need to treat. Whether it's a root canal, tooth extraction or just preventive care, here you can find a team of friendly and professional Cibolo dentists who will treat you with compassion and provide you with the type of personalized care you need. 

Not only that, but we've created an environment that will make you feel relaxed and welcomed. 

So, if you want to get professional dental care from a team of friendly dentists in a warm environment, then you should get in touch with Cibolo Family Smiles. 

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