What Is Considered To Be A Dental Emergency?

What Is Considered To Be A Dental Emergency?

If you’re experiencing oral pain or discomfort in Cibolo, you may be wondering if you can get a same-day emergency appointment at Cibolo Family Smiles. So in this article, we’ll look at a few different conditions that are considered a dental emergency. 

1. Damage To One Or More Teeth Due To An Oral Injury

If one of your teeth has been knocked out or loosened due to oral trauma from a slip and fall, hard hit in a contact sport, or any other injury, this is an emergency. You need to see Dr. Patel within 1-2 hours to have your tooth splinted and ensure it can heal properly. Call us and come to our office as soon as you can.

Serious tooth damage, such as a deep fracture or crack, also demands same-day care. Left untreated, damage to your tooth can cause infections and other complications, so call right away for an appointment. Minor chipping to the tooth is not as urgent, but still should be treated within 1-2 days of experiencing your oral injury. 

2. Bleeding Gums Or Other Oral Tissues

If you have major cuts or lacerations to your gums, cheeks, tongue, or any other oral tissues, and the bleeding doesn’t stop or slow within an hour, you need to get same-day emergency care. Stitches may be required to ensure your mouth heals properly, and the wounds may need to be cleaned and sanitized to prevent infection, so contact us right away for help. 

3. A Serious, Prolonged Toothache

A serious, prolonged toothache may require immediate treatment if you have a dental abscess, also known as a tooth infection. If you have a painful toothache and you also notice issues like facial swelling, a high fever, or discoloration or bumps on the gums, you need immediate treatment.

If your toothache is not causing symptoms like a fever, you may not need same-day care, but you should still get treatment as soon as you can. A toothache always indicates that something is wrong with your tooth, and you could end up losing your tooth if you do not get appropriate care, such as root canal therapy in Cibolo. 

4. Pulled-Out Or Missing Dental Work 

This is an emergency, but it’s not quite as urgent as the other issues on this list. In most cases, you can wait a day or two to replace your dental work, if necessary. However, we still recommend getting a new filling, crown, or other piece of dental work right away, as this reduces the risk of complications like tooth infections. Call Cibolo Family Smiles to schedule an appointment right away, and get the help you need.

Need Emergency Dental Care? Just Give Us A Call Now! 

Even if you’re not sure that your condition counts as an emergency, the team at Cibolo Family Smiles is here to help. Contact us at (210) 797-7740 and tell us about your condition, and Dr. Patel will decide if you need immediate emergency care in Cibolo. Then, we’ll schedule an appointment for you, and you can get treatment right away. Don’t wait. Call today! 

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